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      Stanley Black and Decker is dedicated to providing you with integrated hardware, storage and security system solutions. 

      Stanley founded the predecessor of Stanley Company in New Brighton, Connecticut, as a small workshop specializing in making hinges, latches and other hardware for doors and Windows. 

      Stanley has been a creative company since its inception, designing and inventing many hardware tools that are still widely used today.  In particular, the birth of the world's first tape measure has greatly changed people's working methods and played an indelible role in accelerating the process of human industrialization. On March 15, 2010, Stanley Corporation announced its merger with Black & Decker Corporation to form "Stanley Black & Decker ".

      Stanley Black & Decker Company is one of the most competitive, professional and reliable manufacturers of industrial and household hand tools, electric tools, auto protection tools, pneumatic tools and storage equipment in the world tool industry, we are committed to providing more professional products and services to our common customers. Now, Tthe products of Stanley Black & Decker are providing integrated high-end services and support for many industrial fields including petrochemical, nuclear power, wind energy, high-speed railway, subway, power transmission and transformation, automobile, general manufacturing and so on.

      With a development history of more than 170 years, STANLEY Black & Decker has grown into a world-renowned enterprise with a high sense of trust and high value. It has become the world's largest manufacturer of tool products, with STANLEY, RACING, DeWALT, BLACK & DECKER, GMT, faccom, PROTO, VIDMAR, BOSTITCH, LaBounty, DUBUIS and other first-line tool brands, having established an unshakable leading position in the world tool field.

      Today, Stanley Black & Decker has business branches in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Far East and Latin America, with an annual turnover of nearly US $10 billion. With tens of thousands of new products for the entire industrial market and a sales network covering more than 130 countries and regions, Stanley Black & Decker has become a veritable world tool expert with products suitable for all types of industrial users.

      Looking forward to the future, Stanley Black & Decker will contribute integrated tools and equipment solutions to the world with better products and more comprehensive services.